Lightdrop was founded with a single mission: to generate our clients more business. We provide the strategy, guidance and execution to grow and empower businesses of all sizes, in all categories.


We specialize in crafting and executing marketing initiatives that drive meaningful growth. Our strategies are deeply integrated into every project, ensuring exceptional results that resonate with your audience, amplify your message, and optimize your brand’s presence and growth.


From brand awareness through customer acquisition and everything in between, we’ll craft a strategic digital growth game-plan built from the ground up and completely customized according to your needs.


We align your company around the brand’s direction, choices, and tactics by increasing knowledge around marketing technology, and the direction the company is headed in.


Our holistic approach keeps us focused on the big picture, while paying careful attention to even the smallest details along the way. The devil is in the details—our execution is flawless.


For over ten years, Lightdrop has been at the forefront of digital marketing, working with diverse industries to transform extraordinary visions into inspiring realities. From Silicon Valley startups, to the world’s largest content platforms, e-commerce shops, educational institutions, production companies and everything in between, our approach blends meticulous attention to detail with a holistic view, ensuring flawless strategic guidance and execution from start to finish. Take a look through some of our marketing and growth case studies to get a feel for the work we create.



Headquartered in LA, our global team is made up of the most talented people in their fields: marketing experts, strategists, analysts, ad ops, developers, designers, copywriters, photogs and videographers.

We'll do what we do best,
So you can do what you do best.

I’ve worked with Lightdrop on multiple projects over the last 5 years and am always amazed with the level of strategy, guidance and execution they bring to the table. Lior and his team are masters in digital and brand marketing.

Ron LeviChief Content Officer, DogTV

Lightdrop are without question the best growth agency I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Tonnes of experience in how to supercharge your business and take it to the next level. I could not recommend them enough!

Alfie BektasHead of Performance Marketing, Kokoon Technology

Wide variety of services and a highly skilled team. We’ve been working with Lightdrop for a couple years and have seen excellent results.

Marty FinkelsteinDirector of Advertising, Jewish Journal

Our experience with Lightdrop has been nothing short of incredible. Lior and Lightdrop produce excellent results and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Jenny TraskExecutive Assistant to the Founder, DW Drums & Drum Channel

Partnering with Lightdrop has had a transformative impact on our business. Their quality of work and attention to detail are truly best-in-class. I highly recommend them.

Ayal NitzanPresident, La Grange Post

Thanks to Lightdrop’s expert advice, my small business’s client base quadrupled in only two months. If you’re looking for an expert partner to grow your brand across digital and web platforms: you’ve found them. Simply the best.

Michael RobinFounder, Ivy Method

Lightdrop always delivers the goods. Lior is a great leader. Partnering with him and team is an invaluable resource for any brand looking to add a world class marketing and growth agency.

Andrew ShippSr. Director Marketing, Loose Cannon Systems

Lightdrop are truly team players and continue to bring new thoughts and ideas to the table. They listen to our concerns and will pivot if we need them to. Couldn't be happier with the services provided by Lightdrop.

Paul GambleHead of Digital,


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Despite global uncertainties, the e-commerce landscape continues to thrive. Consumers are still spending their hard-earned money on impulse and planned purchases online, although it’s becoming more challenging and competitive to capture attention, clicks, and purchases. This is where strategic conversion funnels and effective marketing come into play, making it possible to drive actions at scale.

In early 2023, Lightdrop was hired to revamp an established e-commerce brand facing significant challenges. By leveraging deep consumer insights, optimizing the digital experience and conversion funnel, and implementing data-driven strategies to drive conversions, we were able to navigate these turbulent times and unlock unprecedented growth for the client.

Our success was underscored by key performance indicators: revenue grew by over 92%, average order value (AOV) climbed by 30%, and the number of orders placed grew by 46% compared to the previous year. Additionally, SEO enhancements led to a significant jump in top 3 search results from 403 in January to 1,919 in December, and total SEO results grew from 21.8k to 34.9k. Collectively, these achievements generated a record-breaking year for the client, and a revenue surge of millions of dollars over previous years.

So: break the mold, think outside the box, and let the data guide you. This is a marathon, not a sprint; keep pushing forward, watch the needle move, and get your piece of the pie! 🥧

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Happy 4th of July, America! 🇺🇸 Our great country was founded on a promise of a better future, brought to life by founders who were the original dreamers and disruptors, sparking a revolution and inspiring change. Here’s to those who continue to challenge the status quo and light the way forward. 💥🔥 Happy Independence Day!
🎉 Lightdrop wins double at The Drum Awards Marketing Americas!

Category: Commerce 🛒
Lightdrop for Watch Warehouse @watchwarehouseusa 🏆

Category: Sustainability 🌍
Lightdrop for Ocean Bottle @oceanbottle 🏆

Thank you to @thedrumawards for the recognition and to our incredible clients and team for making this possible! Let’s keep pushing boundaries and setting new standards in marketing excellence 🚀

#poweredbyLightdrop #ecommerce #sustainability
🎥✨ Ever wonder why videos are outshining photos on your feed? Dive in for some eye-opening stats that explain why video is the reigning champ of digital content. 

If you’re not already riding the video wave, what’s holding you back? Let’s roll the film and find out why it’s time to get your video game on. 

#lightdrop #videocontent #shortform #reels #video
In 1984, Nike took a daring step that would redefine the brand’s legacy and the sneaker industry. They paid a hefty $410,000 fine just to allow Michael Jordan to wear black sneakers on the court, defying the NBA’s strict rule that required players’ shoes to be 51% white. Each game violation incurred a $5,000 fine, accumulating to the substantial amount over an 82-game season. But Nike’s bold decision to have Jordan wear black and red sneakers made him stand out instantly, breaking away from the conventional white sneakers that dominated the court 🌟

These black and red sneakers, the first edition of what we now know as Air Jordan 1s, became legendary overnight. The controversy surrounding Jordan’s shoes sparked widespread attention and conversations, creating an unprecedented buzz around the brand. This clever marketing strategy paid off immensely, as Nike’s sales skyrocketed, and the Jordans became the talk of the town. By the end of that season, Michael Jordan was named NBA Rookie of the Year, and Nike had sold over $126 MILLION worth of Jordan 1s, establishing a new era in the sneaker world.

Fast forward to today, and the legacy of that bold move is still evident. Jordan 1s remain iconic, synonymous with the Nike brand. Last year, the entire Jordan brand generated over $6.6 BILLION in sales, contributing to Michael Jordan’s $1.5 billion in lifetime royalties. This incredible success story underscores the power of bold, unconventional decisions.

Take a page from Nike’s playbook—embrace boldness and make daring moves that can change the game. Be fearless, be innovative, and watch your impact soar 🚀
This smart campaign highlights a huge mistake many brands make.

Too many brands obsess over product features. Whilst the most successful brands have a broader POV on the world.

For example...

Lego is not a toy.
It is a tool to unleash childhood imagination. 

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On this International Women's Day, we shine the spotlight on the remarkable Paula Scher. In mere seconds, a paper napkin doodle became an iconic logo that transformed the face of Citibank post one of the largest corporate mergers. 

This wasn't just a flash of inspiration; it was a distillation of 34 years of design mastery and branding wisdom. Scher's work, bridging strategy with art, showcases why she is a titan in the graphic design world.

Here's to Paula Scher, whose deft strokes on a simple napkin have deeply etched into our visual landscape. #internationalwomensday
Our newest for @philips @sleepkokoon and the SF @49ers @nfl 🏈

🌟🏆 Double platinum victory for team Lightdrop at the Ava Digital Marketing Awards!

A big thank you to our partners at @philips and @sleepkokoon for trusting us with their visions, and to the @avadigitalawards for this prestigious recognition. 

Together, we’re setting new standards in performance marketing, creating campaigns that resonate, inspire, and make a difference.

Here’s to making even bigger waves in the future! 🙌🏼🎉

Why do some brands thrive while others barely survive? It's not about the 'WHAT' or the 'HOW' - it's all about the 'WHY.'

Simon Sinek delivers a powerful message that has become a guiding beacon for brands worldwide: People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it.

The 'WHY' is what sets leaders apart, inspires action, and builds a loyal following. It's not about making a transaction; it's about starting a movement. And it's the heart of every successful brand.

For anyone looking to make an impact in 2024: Start with 'WHY.'

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🏌️‍♂️👟 End of an Era: A Heartfelt Farewell to Tiger Woods by Nike 🐅

As the sun sets on a legendary partnership, Nike's 'hell of a round' tribute to Tiger Woods isn't just a goodbye, it's a masterstroke in marketing storytelling. It's a nod to the past, a graceful step into the future, and a beautiful blend of respect and nostalgia.

This approach is quintessential digital marketing in 2024: keeping it real, warm, and relatable. It's a testament to how even in the cutthroat world of business, heart and humanity reign supreme. It's not just about selling products; it's about celebrating journeys and honoring legends.

With Nike's farewell bid to the golf legend, we're reminded that in the world of brand marketing, authenticity and emotional connection are the real MVPs. And Nike just delivered a hole-in-one with this campaign 🚀

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Thrilled to Be Featured! 🎉

Our groundbreaking 'Lightdrop and Philips’ Mission for Better Sleep' campaign, which earned the 'Best Marketing Campaign' award at the 2023 US Agency Awards, is now showcased on their website! 

Dive into our award-winning journey and discover the innovative approach that redefined sleep wellness marketing.

Read the full story now on the US Agency Awards website.
Who doesn’t love free samples?? 
It’s not as innocent as it may seem: Uncover how this classic marketing technique subtly nudges you towards making a purchase.

From psychological principles like reciprocity and risk reduction to the tactile joy of trying before you buy, we delve into why a small sample can have a big impact on consumer behavior. 🚀

#digitalmarketing #freesamples #marketinghack #marketingtips
🏆🎬 We've struck Platinum at the Viddy Awards! 

Taking the top honor in 'Commercials: Health & Wellness,' it's all thanks to the incredible journey we've had with the brilliant minds at Kokoon as we collaborated to launch the groundbreaking Philips Sleep Headphones. Here's to setting the bar in creating content that not only informs but inspires. 

A big thank you to everyone involved and to the Viddy Awards for this incredible recognition! 🙌🏼

@viddyawards #poweredbyLightdrop
Understanding UX and UI is key to digital success.

UX (User Experience) - The Journey Architect: It’s all about the overall feel and ease of use of your product. UX crafts the journey your users take, focusing on functionality, accessibility, and user satisfaction.

UI (User Interface) - The Visual Maestro: This aspect is about the visual elements - layout, design, and aesthetics. UI enhances the visual appeal and interactivity, making the user’s interaction as intuitive and engaging as possible.

Synergizing UX and UI: Think of UX and UI as the dynamic duo in a tango of technology. When they move together in sync, it’s a spectacle of seamless user interaction and visual delight. Understanding their rhythm and roles is crucial for creating an immersive digital experience that not only looks good but feels right.

Go behind the scenes of our launch video for @oceanbottle ⚡️From the first flash of inspiration to the polished final cut, our journey is more than just an e-commerce launch campaign—it’s the art of forging connections through narrative.

Utilizing Halloween to frame your brand within iconic societal imagery – think scary movies, jack-o'-lanterns, and haunted houses – is a potent strategy to captivate your audience. 🎃👻

People are drawn to the familiar; by integrating well-known visuals in your ads, you tap into a nostalgia and recognition that resonates on a deeper level.

When it comes to holiday ads remember:
1️⃣ Seasonal branding captures attention.
2️⃣ Authenticity resonates - tailor your message to your audience's unique celebrations.
3️⃣ Early planning maximizes reach & ROI.

Let effective advertising shine bright, making your brand the talk of the season. Dive deep into the holiday marketing spirit and watch engagement pour in.
At the crossroads of design and strategy, we've partnered with Watch Warehouse to redefine their digital journey. Staying consistent and updated is paramount in a digital landscape, and that's where we step in.

Our marketing prowess doesn't just stop at designing their website; it's about crafting an immersive experience. The landing page becomes a dynamic canvas, mirroring the pulse of each sale, holiday special, and occasion.

#poweredbyLightdrop 🚀
Lightdrop takes home 4x Gold Awards in the 2023 Marcom Awards, for our launch campaign for the Philips Sleep Headphones with Kokoon:

🏆 Strategic Communications: Digital Marketing
🏆 Strategic Communications: Product Launch
🏆 Web Based: Web Video Marketing
🏆 Advertising/Marketing: Video Ad

@marcom_awards @philips @sleepkokoon @lightdrop

🌊 NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH for Ocean Bottle. The 3-1 modular lid system makes it the only bottle you’ll ever need.

The proof is in the Kickstarter page that not only achieved full funding in just one hour but also proudly sports the coveted “Projects We Love” badge.

From LA to the UK, our journey with Ocean Bottle has been nothing short of transformative. Week after week, we connected across continents, brainstorming in Zoom meetings and translating visions into reality.

From meticulous location scouting to assembling our dedicated film crew, every step was taken with purpose. We didn’t just film a Kickstarter video over three intense days—we crafted a narrative. With expertly penned copy and striking visuals, our team aimed to capture the essence of Ocean Bottle’s mission.

And now, after hours of post-production fine-tuning, we’re ecstatic to give you a first glimpse at our collective passion project. Live on Kickstarter now!

With advertisements featuring their vodka bottles in over 1,500 different surrealist images, Absolut Vodka takes the crown for the longest-running continuous ad campaign of all time, from 1984 to 2005. 

Absolut's achievements showcase the effectiveness of visual branding. They took their vodka bottle and turned it into a platform for creative expression, breaking away from the norms of traditional advertising. This approach allowed them to capture the essence of storytelling, turning their bottle into more than just a product – it became a symbol of sophistication and artistic appeal.
When you can batch schedule content 👏🏼🙌🏼

@figma is the ultimate tool when it comes to digital marketing:
1️⃣ Stay Organized: keep your designs tidy with layers & naming conventions. 

2️⃣ Collaborate Seamlessly: Leveage their real-time collaboration to work efficiently with your team. 

3️⃣ Practice Makes Perfect: it can be a learning curve at first, but the more you use it, the more you’ll see it’s amazing benefits & the more proficient you’ll become!

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Starting with a logo is great, but let's take a deeper dive into the world of branding. @SethGodin has some golden nuggets of wisdom for us: a brand isn't just about a logo; it's about the promises you make and the expectations you set.

Your brand is the heartbeat of your business, and it's time to find out who's truly vibing with what you're putting out there! 🚀 So, are you a logo or a brand?
AUTHENTICITY @meyta1cohen

In an era dominated by algorithms and curated feeds, we are at risk of losing something fundamentally human—our primal need for genuine connections, warmth, and meaningful relationships. People are no longer just looking for products or services; they are searching for brands and personalities that resonate with them on a deeply personal level.

Consider the success of figures like Gary Vaynerchuk, Brené Brown, and Simon Sinek. They have built remarkable careers and businesses, not merely by selling products or ideas but by being unapologetically authentic. They share their raw thoughts, speak their truths, and in doing so, they form not just a following but a community.

The power of authenticity transcends individual personalities. Brands, too, have the opportunity to tap into this human need for real connection. By being authentic, by being warm, and by genuinely caring for your community, you can elevate your brand beyond just a business and turn it into a movement.

So whether you're a solo entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a marketing executive, it's time to get real. Authenticity isn't just a strategy; it's the bedrock of any meaningful human interaction and, consequently, any successful brand.

#poweredbyLightdrop #meytal