Lightdrop was founded with a single mission: to generate our clients more business. We provide the strategy, guidance and execution to grow and empower businesses of all sizes, in all categories.


Websites, e-blasts & engaging content; the products we develop are designed to create long-term meaningful relationships between the brand and the consumer. As such, our custom-developed content strategies are imbued in the DNA of each product we build and ship to our clients.


From brand awareness through customer acquisition and everything in between, we’ll craft a strategic digital growth game-plan built from the ground up and completely customized according to your needs.


We align your company around the brand’s direction, choices, and tactics by increasing knowledge around marketing technology, and the direction the company is headed in.


Our holistic approach keeps us focused on the big picture, while paying careful attention to even the smallest details along the way. The devil is in the details—our execution is flawless.


Lightdrop has delivered diverse sets of work for many different brands and clients. Take a look through some of our marketing and growth case studies to get a feel for the work we create.


Headquartered in LA, our global team is made up of the most talented people in their fields: marketing experts, strategists, analysts, ad ops, developers, designers, copywriters, photogs and videographers.

We'll do what we do best,
So you can do what you do best.

I’ve worked with Lightdrop on multiple projects over the last 5 years and am always amazed with the level of strategy, guidance and execution they bring to the table. Lior and his team are masters in digital and brand marketing.

Ron LeviChief Content Officer, DogTV

Wide variety of services and a highly skilled team. We’ve been working with Lightdrop for a couple years and have seen excellent results.

Marty FinkelsteinDirector of Advertising, Jewish Journal

Our experience with Lightdrop has been nothing short of incredible. Lior and Lightdrop produce excellent results and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Jenny TraskExecutive Assistant to the Founder, DW Drums & Drum Channel

I’ve worked with Lightdrop on 3 different engagements, and can’t wait for the 4th. They ask the necessary questions from the start so that they and the client are aligned on goals and process. And then they delivers amazing results, time after time.

Jared SichelPartner, Winning Tuesday

Partnering with Lightdrop has had a transformative impact on our business. Their quality of work and attention to detail are truly best-in-class. I highly recommend them.

Ayal NitzanPresident, La Grange Post

Thanks to Lightdrop’s expert advice, my small business’s client base quadrupled in only two months. If you’re looking for an expert partner to grow your brand across digital and web platforms: you’ve found them. Simply the best.

Michael RobinFounder, Ivy Method


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3 ESSENTIAL elements to creating a strong brand 🚀

1️⃣ Is your brand TRUSTWORTHY? Consumers need to believe in your product or service and feel confident that it will deliver on its promises.

2️⃣ FLEXIBILITY: crucial for a brand to stay relevant and adapt to changing market conditions. By being open to new ideas and embracing innovation, a brand can evolve and stay ahead of the curve.

3️⃣ Being TOP OF MIND is essential for a brand to stay relevant in the minds of consumers. This means being present and visible across multiple channels, from social media to traditional advertising.

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@okmilo is changing how we communicate, and Lightdrop is proud to be part of the Milo journey. 

Built for adventurers, Milo integrates multiple patented world-first features to deliver high-quality natural conversation, packaged in a simple and beautiful design, allowing adventurers to speak while on the trails, slopes, or water. No phones or Wi-Fi needed; everybody in the group can share the moment, in the moment.

How we launched together:
🚀 $2.59MM in pre-orders
🚀 $430k in the first 24 hours
🚀 Goal reached in 47 minutes
🚀 #5 all-time Kickstarter hardware campaign

Go Far, Stay Close!

@okmilo @nuuk_digital @raffinaderiet #poweredbyLightdrop
Pepsi usually refreshes us with their drinks & now with their ads. Their bold creativity puts a unique creative spin on renowned brands with instant recognizability. 🚀

Great work by the Alma Agency Miami.
Font choice is a huge part of a brands identity! Don’t overlook the importance of fonts 🚀
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Do you know about SEO? We’re diving into the PROS of SEO!
Don’t worry, we’ll get into the cons too! 
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A mood board is a visual tool used to communicate and explore different visual ideas, styles, and moods for a particular project or concept.

Designers, artists, and other creative professionals often use Mood boards to help them gather and organize their ideas and communicate those ideas to others.

The purpose of a mood board is to create a visual reference that can inspire and guide the creative process.

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Your brand deserves consistency - to ensure your customers receive the same experience, no matter where they come across your company. Creating a brand style sheet for all marketing materials is essential to maintaining a cohesive and unified presence.
#poweredbyLightdrop 🚀
PAID ADS! Do you use them? We're talking about some pros & cons to using paid ads in your marketing! 🚀

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BRANDING: more than a logo! 🚀

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Every marketing channel is worth testing. For local service businesses, Google search results and paid advertising is king. However, old-school tactics like physical mailers still play a massive role in increasing brand awareness in the areas you serve. #poweredbyLightdrop 🚀
Unleash the power of paid social media advertising: when done properly, social media advertising is one of the most effective tools for generating conversions, purchases, and leads. 
Using highly targeted Facebook and Instagram ads, we skyrocketed lead generation that made memberships for this F45 studio boom, quickly filling up the waitlist.
That’s the #poweredbyLightdrop way 🚀
This ad knows the way to our hearts 🐶 Using dogs in advertising is a surefire way to capture people's attention and make them feel good. Dogs are universally loved and seeing them in an ad triggers positive emotions that can make a brand more memorable.

Advertising Agency: Mojo creative studio, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Artwork: Ramy Mohamed
Copywriter: Amel Eid
Roses are red, violets are blue, Helvetica is perfect, and so are you. ❤️

Poster credit: Bisgràfic studios
Tap into FOMO in your marketing and leverage the power of urgency! Encourage customers to act fast for a unique offer, so they don’t miss out on something extraordinary. Make them feel like this is an opportunity that’s too good to pass up - but it won’t be around forever!

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Sharpie has a signature style that stands out from the crowd. In this ad, they combine innovation and creativity, elevating branding to a whole new level. By ingeniously re-envisioning Apple's emblematic logo with their own iconic writing style, they've demonstrated how cleverly crafted marketing can make an unforgettable statement. 👏🏼
When you have a strong community base, anything is possible.

Lightdrop championed this Kickstarter campaign for Meytal Cohen from A-Z including video production, copy, design, paid advertising, and more. It's amazing what the internet has made a possibility. After the release of the album @meyta1cohen went on to book a full US tour, made possible by the massive support of her digital audience and a little #poweredbyLightdrop help.

What can Lightdrop do for you? 🚀
Named one of TIME's Best Inventions of 2022, Milo is a revolutionary new device with groundbreaking technology and the potential to change the way we communicate.
We're lucky to be a part of the team that brought this amazing product to market.
@okmilo #poweredbyLightdrop 🚀
As watch enthusiasts, Lightdrop is excited to partner up with industry leader Watch Warehouse and provide strategy, guidance, and execution on their brand and digital marketing efforts ⏱

Watch Warehouse brings the most coveted brands and models of luxury watches to the internet; whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the world of high-end timepieces, you’ll find something to suit your style and preferences. 

Pictured: The TAG HEUER Formula-1 Calibre 16 Chronograph Automatic Watch - This chronograph watch features a blue dial with a tachymeter scale and is made with durable materials such as scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and a 43mm stainless steel tonneau-shaped case. It is inspired by famous motor-sports circuits and is versatile in its design. #poweredbyLightdrop 🚀
New year, new inspiration — great creative from Barilla. Happy New Year’s from Lightdrop! 🚀
Digital marketing is anything but one-size-fits-all — these skills are highly sought-after and put into action daily in our ever-revolving industry 🙌🏼
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Pairing the distinct swirl of the iconic soft serve ice cream cone + the classic colors and face of the holiday season = a creative that connects perfectly 🎅🏼✨ Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Lightdrop 🚀
Today is a big day for @okmilo — now launched worldwide, Milo revolutionizes the action communication field, allowing adventurers to speak on the trails, slopes, or water. 🏄🏻‍♂️
After launching one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns of all time and winning multiple desirable awards even before its launch, we’re excited to be part of the Milo journey and can’t wait for you to try out these amazing units on your next adventure. 🙌🏼
#okmilo #poweredbyLightdrop 🚀
Know, Like, Trust. These are the building blocks to get your audience and leads to understand and eventually become customers. In order to get clients or business, people need to know your brand, like what you offer and who you are as a brand, and ultimately put their trust in you as a company or product.
You must constantly build on each of these pillars to keep your brand TOP OF MIND. You want to be the first thing that comes to consumers' minds when thinking about the service you provide. 🚀
Great creative concept by Orbit! Marketing is all about making you want something. You never want to be the odd one out! 😁🚀
When marketing collides with passion, that's where magic is made. Let's make magic together. 
#poweredbyLightdrop 🚀
When the table is so clean that it looks like magic, that's how you sell a product. 🪄 Great creative campaign from the folks at GlassEx!

Eye-catching visuals are a great way to grab the attention of your audience, but make sure your marketing message is clear to your audience!

Making your ad stand out + paired with your best selling points = a winning combination. 🚀
When you’ve got it, flaunt it! Helping the best market the best 🚀 @lagrangepost #poweredbyLightdrop
Throwback to this music video shoot for @meyta1cohen. It’s all about the people! 🙌🏼 With our team of extraordinary individuals and unparalleled talent, there is nothing that can stop your success 🚀 #poweredbyLightdrop
"Just because it fits, doesn’t mean it’ll work. Choosing Volkswagen means choosing genuine parts."

Your marketing strategy needs more than just pieces for the puzzle; it needs solutions that are genuine and right for you. It takes many different parts working in harmony with each other to reach your customers' needs. You can't force your marketing strategy to fit unless you have all of the right pieces to make the puzzle whole. 🧩
We're the team that takes your vision and makes it come alive. Our holistic approach keeps us focused on the big picture while paying careful attention to even the smallest detail along the way. The devil is in the details—our execution is flawless. #poweredbyLightdrop 🚀
The world is ever-changing, so your logo needs to be flexible to change with it. Keeping up with the trends of society is a crucial part of a successful company. The best part of life, and marketing, is trying new things — don't be afraid of changing something up or giving an old concept a fresh perspective 🚀
“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you’re a leader.” - John Quincy Adams
We loved working with F45, a leader in their field, an innovator in the fitness space, and an inspiration to all of us — changing the world one workout at a time 🚀